Shira Z. Carmel is a multidisciplinary artist and musician from Jerusalem, Israel. After years of "traveling" between different mediums such as dance, theater, photography, visual and digital arts, Shira has been making music for the past decade, bringing her varied artistic background forth with texts and sounds, and exploring the humane in all its glory and pain through songs.

Shira graduated from the Jerusalem Music academy in the interdisciplinary singing department in 2014, and has been performing with various groups since 2008, releasing 8 independent albums and EPs since 2003.

Shira Z. Carmel (or SZC) has led 4 main musical groups in the past years. all bands featured Shira as the vocalist, as well as her original music and texts, along her musical compositions to poems of different origins and languages (Hebrew, English, Yiddish) -

The Hazelnuts - Shira's succesful vocal trio and band, performing all over Israel and abroad. Shira is currently writing the band's new album to be released in 2018. Visit The Hazelnuts on Facebook and instagram as well!

Shira Z. Carmel and her Brasserie - a brass and wind orchestra, a collaboration with the talented arranger Orr Sinay. Their Album "One Source of Bad Information" selected album of the (Hebrew) year 2016.

The Technicalities - an avant-garde duo with her husband Alon Diament, which started with their Birobidzhan project, (for further info, please visit The Technicalities website).

♥ The Shira Z. Carmel Quartet (or in short SZCQ), with whom Shira released her official debut album in July 2013. The SZCQ has separated shortly after, due to geographical differences.

In the past few years Shira has acquired a name for herself in Jerusalem and beyond, performing with her various groups in major music and art festivals in Israel and abroad: the Red sea Jazz Festival, Pecha Kucha, InDnegev and Yearot Menashe, and the Marseille Jazz des Cinqs Continents Festival (FR), Safaricom Jazz festival in Nairobi (KE), Jewish Music Festival (NL) and more.

In addition Shira produces and curates musical and artistic events such as the monthly singer songwriter series “Shira Hosts” (2010-2011), Tom Waits bar-hopping mega-tribute event, Yossi Banai tribute, and the Indie-Piyut concert with 6 of the best Indie singer-songwriters for both Piyut Festivals in 2017. She has also hosted the TIZPOREY LAILA (night owls) radio show with Yuval Ben Ami on the national radio station GALATZ between the years 2012-2014.

Shira is also a certified Hebrew teacher (and taught for over a decade). As a passionate ex-designer, she designs all her albums and websites herself.

For any more info, please contact Shira.
Please also do so if you are interested in print versions of these pictures of her wearing a great hat, taken by the talented May Castelnovo (or any other PR material).

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